Considering Adult Braces? – Here Is What You Should Know

Do you wish to get back in time and have your teeth straightened? The great news is that the ship has not set sail for that dream yet! Adults are increasingly visiting orthodontists to achieve the smile they have always desired. If recent news regarding the subject or a passing stranger wearing braces has piqued your interest, this post will sate your curiosity. Here are some crucial points to consider about adult orthodontic therapy to help you determine if Cedar Park adult braces are correct for you.

You Can Wear Braces At Any Age

Braces are often thought of as a transition to adulthood for pre-teens and teenagers, but the reality is that they can enhance your smile at any age. Even the elderly may, and increasingly do, have their teeth straightened by an orthodontist.

Not Everybody Is A Good Candidate For Adult Braces

Certain oral health concerns may exclude you from obtaining orthodontic treatment. For instance, patients with receding gums might not be eligible for therapy in some severe situations. Orthodontic therapy may be impossible if your teeth have extremely shallow roots. Nonetheless, do not rule out braces till you have sought the counsel of an orthodontist.

Treatment Takes Longer, But You Will Still See Improvements

The most significant variation between having braces as an adult and receiving braces as a teenager is the length of therapy. Considering that adult jaws are less pliable, teeth may need an extraction to address crowding and/or misalignments if there is insufficient space.

On the other hand, a developing jaw could be stretched and sculpted to accommodate teeth, making the process of receiving adult braces slightly distinct from therapy for young patients. Besides, healing time generally slows down as you age, which implies that correcting misalignments may take longer. Notwithstanding these complications, you will ultimately still attain a straighter smile.

There Are More Alternatives Now Than Ever Before

Unlike decades ago, metal braces are no longer the only option available. Today, there are more inconspicuous alternatives for those who do not want to have a ‘metal mouth’ or are concerned about their braces being a distraction.

Whereas metal braces provide the quickest way to a straighter smile, clear and ceramic braces are virtually invisible. It is crucial to know that both clear and ceramic braces are susceptible to staining, but if you do not smoke and avoid dark beverages, either option could be a good fit for you.

Braces Improve The Look Of Your Smile From The Inside And Out

While straightening your teeth as an adult takes longer, the benefits are enormous and not just cosmetic! Besides enhancing your looks and self-confidence, aligned teeth could eliminate needless stress on your jaw, improve your chew and bite, as well as help avoid tooth decay and gingivitis.

You are never too old to achieve the smile of your dreams. Adult braces can help straighten your teeth and give you a stunning new smile. Orthodontic specialist Dr. Brendan Smith and his expert staff at Freedom Orthodontics can help you determine what braces are appropriate for you and advise you on what to expect with your therapy. Schedule an initial consultation today by calling the Cedar Park, TX office or using the online booking tool.

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