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We all know that good nutrition is key to happiness, healthy living, and peakperformance. However, the role of complementary and alternative medicine inour health care system is not always appreciated or acknowledged. It’s importantto note that naturopathy and Osteopathy offer counseling, treatment, and adviceabout various medical conditions, but they have very different approaches.Osteopathy focuses on …

Ways to Avoid Joint Pain

Joint Pain

The joints form a vital part of an individual’s body. They are connected with different muscles, which boost their strength. Joints dictate individuals’ flexibility and mobility when conducting daily activities. Sometimes you can develop an itchy pain in the knee or shoulder which indicates a problem with those joints. If you experience such complications, you …

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Epidural Steroid Injection Debunked

Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural steroid injections are among the most common treatments for spinal stenosis and other chronic physical pain in Arlington, Virginia. However, many myths and misconceptions about epidural steroid injections can lead people to believe they are not an effective treatment. The right thing to do is to visit a board certified pain management physician Arlington, …

Cardio Workout vs Weight Training


Practice is a fundamental piece of a sound way of life. Studies demonstrate that normal exercise can decrease cholesterol, lower pulse, and consume calories. It can likewise catalyze weight reduction, support the resistant framework, increment bone thickness, and lessen pressure. For a long time, cardio exercise and strength preparing have been contrasted with each other. …