Rub Your Fingers and See Your Body React

Reflexology is an art of treating physical illnesses by applying pressure on certain parts of your body. It is a technique that developed in China and then, it spread all across the world. According to reflexology every point on our body is connected with our hand. This has not only been demonstrated by the Chinese medicine but also by the science itself.

To put it in the words of the ancient Chinese medicine, ‘our hands are a map of our body.’ There is no need for you to take the aid of medicines and chemicals and fill your body with it. Instead, you should go for the safest and the most non-invasive treatment in order to relieve your pain. Reflexology is used to treat the symptoms of various physical illnesses, and it has been around since, the time of ancient China, and it has never proved to be disappointing.

What Happens to Your Body When You Rub Your Fingers?

As already mentioned before, every part of our body is connected with our hands. Therefore, applying the treatment of reflexology on your fingers can do wonders for your body in terms of relieving any kind of pain or discomfort. Here check it out, how it helps:

Our lungs and the heart are connected to our thumb. Therefore, you should rub and pull your thumb in case you have galloping heartbeats. It helps to calm down your heart rate.

People who suffer from the problem of constipation or through abdominal pain should rub and push their index finger because it is linked to our colon and stomach. It will make feel better instantly.

Next is the middle finger which is connected with our heart, blood, respiratory system and thin intestines. Therefore, rub and stretch your middle finger whenever you feel dizzy or puckish. It is also helpful for people who have insomnia.

The finger that has a special connection to your mood is your ring finger. If you are depressed, just rub your ringer finger, and you will see the difference.

And, then we have the little finger which is connected to neck pain, kidneys, and headaches. To prevent any of these just rub your little finger and you will feel much better.

The palms are known to be directly linked to our nervous system. To improve your blood circulation and mental state, just simple clap your hands. And, it will make you feel better.

This knowledge on reflexology is sure to be of great help to you. It is because every time we may not have the proper medicine to deal with the above mentioned problems. But, if you have the knowledge of hand reflexology then, at least you will be able to reduce the discomfort for the time being until and unless you get hold of the needed medicine. And, at times you may not even need the medicine because it is that effective. All you have to do is press or rub the right finger and point.

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