Why Medical Weight Loss is the Best Option to Lose your Extra Pounds

Nearly 40% of Americans are obese, thus causing life-threatening diseases. Weight loss is a challenge considering the array of options available, from trying a fad diet to old and new exercise programs. You may get results, but it is frustrating to achieve less after some hyped expectations. However, you can bank on a medical weight loss program by engaging a doctor and a physician assistant in Gaithersburg, MD. Learn why this program is the winning contender for your weight loss journey.

Medical Supervision

Weight loss candidates lose the starting steam as soon as they see insignificant results. But with a medical weight loss program, you receive encouragement and support to keep you on track.

You don’t have to stress out your everyday life by worrying about when and what to eat, nor about the not-so-sure weight loss programs. Here, you have someone to hold your hand and offer a friendly environment making your weight loss journey worthwhile.

Individual Oriented

Everybody is unique in their own way; thus, a customized weight loss program will give you more tangible results. In a medical weight loss program, the doctor evaluates your health history, lifestyle, and expected goal to determine what best suits you. For instance, you may desire to have muscles instead of losing weight. The doctor will come up with a program that transfers fat accordingly for muscle building.

Long Term Driven

Medical weight loss is not in pursuit of quick fixes by giving you some weight loss tools. On the contrary, it offers a slow but sure strategic program that you proudly carry into the long run. You can achieve this by close monitoring and being loyal to exercise and healthy eating habits.

The long-term effects are crowned by improved mental health, self-esteem, and better sleeping habits. Eventually, you can maintain a moderate weight and, better still, your overall health.

It is Safe and Healthier

In a bid to lose extra weight, you can expose yourself to health challenges by subscribing to unmoderated programs. However, medical weight loss gains a sweet spot of safety. The doctor will prescribe the right medication, calorie intake, and exercise.

You don’t have to embark on destructive myths such as; you have to experience pain for an effective weight loss. Exercise done out of moderation will cause muscle and tendon fractures.

Holistic Approach

While weight loss is the main goal, there is also a focus on your body metabolism, composition, health history, and medical profile. This leads to positive effects on nutrition, hormones, and increased body activity, thus enhancing your overall health. Additionally, it helps build discipline by constantly following a specified program.  

If you plan to lose weight, choose a program that will focus on the root of your weight gain. Also, one that has a support system to keep you on track until you see the light of your weight loss goal. Consider joining a program that involves weight loss, and medical professionals.

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