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Your Practice and Mid-level Staff

  • Your Primary Care Team: New Options
  • Creating Your Team
  • Incorporating Mid-level Staff
  • Getting Paid for Mid-level Services
  • Legal Issues

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A Brief History

Doctor’s Digest launched in 2005, and was a resounding success. In February 2005, the first issue mailed to 101,000 high-prescribing office based physicians, featuring the single topic ranked #1 in market research: Error-Proofing Your Practice.

Response was overwhelmingly positive—78.9% asked to receive Doctor’s Digest, 76% reported finding it a credible source with 51% saying the information was new to them.*

In additional research**:

  • 90% of those surveyed considered practice-related, non-clinical information very important to them
  • 72% heavily favored solutions to specific problems or needs versus a general editorial overview
  • 97% found the digest format for non-clinical publications as—or more—useful than a journal or newspaper presentation
  • Over 80% of physicians surveyed said they would like to receive Doctor’s Digest

Recent Milestones and Launches

2011 has gotten off to a great start!

  • Doctor’s Digest Practice Solution Center™ launches as FREE MEDICAL App on the iPad. The first all-encompassing practice management resource with interactive digital editions, real-time medication/hazard alerts from ISMP, FREE job classifieds at HCP Exchange™, Doctor’s Digest—Money Matters Personal financial e-newsletter, podcasts/vodcasts and so much more!
  • HCP Exchange™: Launched on our website and in our iPad App—FREE Job classified service for HCPs only.

And in 2010:

In 2009 we made significant investments in our e-offerings…with great results

  • The Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) partnered with Doctor’s Digest on a new Practice Tips by Doctor’s Digest iPhone/iPod Touch App. This free Medical App features exclusive PUSH technology and Live-Time Alerts for HCPs.
  • We launched Doctor’s Digest - Money Matters, our FREE Personal Financial e-newsletter, with information from Residency to Retirement
  • We launched Doctor’s Digest on Facebook and Twitter. named our Twitter feed as one of the top 11 publication feeds for medical students.
  • We launched our FREE Doctor’s Digest Application (App) on the iPhone/iPod Touch in the “Medical” category, with “Essential Practice Tips,” instant access to our archive of back issues, Key Word search and free e-subscriptions, and have over 16,000 physicians registered for twice weekly updates. MDNet Guide cited our original App as one of the top 15 Apps for physicians.
  • We added the Essential Practice Tips feature to our website, where non-iPhone users can get 10 new tips per month and all tips are organized by topic for future reference.

*According to a check study by The Matalia Group.

**Research conducted in November 2004 by The Matalia Group, and echoed by a PERQ/HCI Corporate Custom Study.

†The questionnaire did not mention the Digest would be free of charge. Market research studies suggest that this typically increases the estimate of those interested parties by 5% -10%