Ways to Avoid Joint Pain

The joints form a vital part of an individual’s body. They are connected with different muscles, which boost their strength. Joints dictate individuals’ flexibility and mobility when conducting daily activities. Sometimes you can develop an itchy pain in the knee or shoulder which indicates a problem with those joints. If you experience such complications, you should not get along with it since the Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee provides the remedy to your condition. The following are crucial things you should know about joint pain;

What is joint pain?

It is the condition that occurs when an injury impacts tendons and ligaments around the joints.

What are the risk factors?

The following factors increase the likelihood of an individual developing joint pain;

  • Excessive weight: Individuals who have heavyweights are at greater risk of having knee pain than people who have a healthy weight.
  • Age: older people usually have weaker bones, and therefore, they are more exposed to joint pains than younger individuals.
  • Gender: women are exposed more to arthritis than men, who mostly experience gout.
  • Genetic factors: Individuals having certain genes have a higher likelihood of getting specific types of arthritis than others.
  • Joint injuries:  People who engage in activities that lead to repetitive knee bending can be at risk of having injuries that can lead to joint pain.


Here are some tips that can help you to avoid joint pain

Eating mindfully

Whatever you eat determines the wellness of body organs such as muscles and joints. Individuals should avoid the intake of processed food leading to heavy weight that can exert more pressure on the joints. You should increase the intake of omega 3, which helps to reduce inflammation around the joints.

Engaging in regular exercises

Physical exercises are crucial in avoiding and reducing joint pain. For example, by lifting weights, your muscles that support the joint will be strong, reducing the chances of dislocation that can lead to joint pain. Some exercises such as yoga help boost your flexibility, thus limiting the likelihood of joint injuries.

Avoid smoking

Individuals who practice smoking are more exposed to arthritis conditions. It can also weaken the immune system implying that the joint pains will last for a long period. Besides, smoking leads to inflammation around the joints which can be painful. Therefore you should avoid smoking to live a healthy life.

Protect the joints

Some activities that individuals engage in can lead to joint complications. For instance, workers who carry heavy objects using their shoulders are more susceptible to shoulder pain. In such cases, individuals should use protective gears that cover their shoulders. Also, they should lift objects closer to their body to avoid excessive twisting of their hands.

If you have been experiencing joint pain that interferes with your daily operation, you should not worry further. Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee’s existence is crucial in reversing your condition. The facility has an experienced team who offers specialized joint care. Book the appointment and visit the facility to boost the quality of your life.

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