Tips to Slow Down Aging and have a Youthful Face

Everyone wants to stay young forever but it is simply not possible. Our youth is temporary and is bound to go away one day. But this doesn’t mean that your age pre-maturely and have a face of an old person full of wrinkles and stuff as early as in your thirties or even early forties. Our face is a sensitive part of our body and any minor negligence in its care can make us look ten years older in a fortnight. With proper care, anyone can slow down the normal aging process to show up on your face and have a younger, fresher look.

Consistency in following a skincare routine is the key to swift results. Also, put a hold on DIY hacks like using baking soda on your face for they may do more harm than good. Keep in mind that the face has the most sensitive skin type and subjecting it to rigorous experimentation is not a good idea.


Natural tanning can be harmful to the face is exposed to the UV rays of the sun directly. Recent climate change has increased the risk of radiation damaging your face even further. To get a tanned look, you can try artificial mild sunless tanners. Choose a good quality one and it will give you the desired look without the need of exposing yourself.

Use Sunblock

Just as you know you have to wash your face every morning and make a habit of applying sunscreen whenever you are about to step out into the sun. Choose the product which protects from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide can be helpful.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking has no benefit whatsoever. Only harm and no good. Smoking makes your skin look old as it constricts the oxygen to reach your skin. Wrinkles are also common in smokers in addition to discoloration. It’s hard to quit smoking but it is worth every gram of effort.

Similarly, alcohol consumption is bad for it’s the root cause of dehydrating the skin and lessening the density of blood which leads to several disorders.

Have a Healthy Diet Plan

It is all about what you put in your body. Having a healthy diet plan is the one true recipe for healthy skin and overall health. Consume food rich in nutrients and natural fibers found in fruits, and vegetables. Avoid artificial drinks and juices. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking at least 2-3 liter of water every day.

Moisturize and Cleanse Your Skin

Choose a cleanser compatible with your skin type and use it once in the morning and once before going to bed. It will wash off all the dirt accumulated on your face and give it a more refreshing look. Using too much may render your skin dry by washing off all the essential oils. Moreover, using moisturizer helps in keeping the skin balanced. Choose the product wisely, lightweight gel for oily and accordingly for dry skin.

Try Skin Treatments for Damages

Being so sensitive, facial skin is prone to damage easily. Sun damage, acne, or other complications may be resolved by light treatments effectively. Try Med spa Queens, NY for skin treatments to have a more youthful appearance.

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