What are my Options for Teeth Whitening?

Maybe your teeth just need a simple whitening upgrade — a pick-me-up, if you will. We can think of at least five easy solutions to whitening, keeping in mind that whitening can affect the dentistry you already have as well. For instance, crowns, bridges, implants, and some veneers cannot be whitened. So again, you’re going to have to have that discussion with your dental professional.

And you’re going to have to keep in mind that a little white goes a long way. Look at John Malkovich in Transformers 3. Now there’s a white, white smile that’s way off the charts!

Here are some options you have for whitening your teeth (there are all sorts of products out there, but these are the ones we recommend looking into and discussing with your dentist):

  • Crest Whitening Strips work for younger adults. They are messy and most adults don’t like them. Cost is minimal, but dedication is high.
  • Treswhite Supreme Strips can deliver the goods for those who want whiter teeth. They seem to work best if you don’t have terribly yellow teeth. They also can be messy, but are a step up from Crest Whitening. Cost is minimal. Dedication is high.
  • Custom Whitening Trays work well. These trays are customized to your teeth and fits well for every size. The cost is also modest.
  • We can kick start your whitening with a Power Boost Treatment as well. This is an in-office procedure done any time —  before, during or after whitening. It works great and all you need is an office appointment.  The investment is modest.
  • 5-The new and amazing KOR Whitening gets the yellow out and truly whitens your teeth. It requires a considerable investment in time and money, but if you really want great results, this is the state-of-the-art option. The good news is that it comes with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work. How much are we talking about? Prices start at around $1,000. But trays last a lifetime (if nothing major changes in your mouth) and touchup kits are always available for purchase.

We hope this two-part series about whitening your teeth prepares you for what’s ahead. Regardless of which procedure you choose, be sure to ask your dentist if you’re truly ready for cosmetic dentistry.

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