How To Control Your Asthma

Asthma has always been a nuisance to those who have it. It is a disease that affects your lungs, those air sacs on your chest that enable you to circulate oxygen in your body. You will have asthmatic attacks once allergens (things your lungs are allergic to) enter your airways. If you have asthma, you always develop those nasty wheezing and coughing fits whenever it kicks in. Scientists still don’t know the true cause of asthma, but it seems that if one of your family members has it, you will also have the possibility to have an asthma attack, too. So what is the most effective thing to do? Know how to take control of the factors that trigger your asthma.

There are several recorded factors that trigger your asthma attack. If you can control your contact with these variables, you can have a better chance of reducing your asthma attacks.

• Environmental tobacco smoke – also called secondhand smoke. It is the smoke exhaled by another person smoking around the victim. If the person smoking is a relative or friend of yours, tell them to stop smoking whenever you are around. Also, you must avoid places with lots of people smoking.

• Dust mites – they are almost everywhere, including your home. The good thing is, not everyone is susceptible to asthma attacks caused by dust mites. If you suspect that dust mites are triggering your asthma attack, use every possible method to lessen your contact with dust. Use mattress and pillow case covers to set-up a shield against these mites. Avoid cluttering up your bedroom. Say goodbye to your stuffed animals too, because they may contain dust particles, and therefore, dust mites.

Air Pollution Outdoors – industrial smoke and car exhaust may be able to irritate your lungs and trigger your asthma. Always be aware of the air quality in your neighborhood. Use face masks or handkerchiefs to cover your nose whenever you plan to trek outside the safety of your home.

Cockroaches – lets face it, cockroaches are everywhere. Their excretions may activate your asthmatic fits. Keeping your place as clean as possible will keep these unwanted guests out of your home. Remember to take away their source of food (leftovers) to avoid getting them to visit and multiply in your house.

Pets – your best animal friends might turn to be your worst enemy when you have asthma. When you think that your pets are triggering your fits, then the simplest way to deal with this is to find them another place to stay. If you think you are too attached to your pet to be able to get rid of them, take some steps in order to lessen the chance of triggering your asthma attack. Keep your furry friends out of your bedroom. Remember to bathe them weekly to wash off dirt in their fur.

Other Allergens – physical strain, medicines and high humid areas might trigger your asthma. Certain foods might also get your nasty fits to kick in. Learn how to avoid these things if you feel like they are triggering your asthma.

Asthma can be controlled if you have the discipline to control yourself from having contact with the allergens.

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