Balancing parenting and study – 5 reasons an online degree could be the right fit for you

Being a parent is time-consuming, and it can often feel like you have to put your professional aspirations on the back burner to concentrate on your personal commitments. However, this is not the case for many parents who are now regaining control of their careers by completing a degree online. Here are five reasons this could be the perfect approach for you.

High-quality education

Completing an Associate Degree at Wilkes University will give you all the clinical skills and experience you require to become a nurse practitioner. Their 100% online program features a full curriculum that covers a range of subjects and areas of expertise, such as research, reasoning and diagnosis. You will learn more about U.S. healthcare systems and how to deliver informed care to culturally diverse populations across the country. With such a high-quality, respected program, the associate degree you will eventually earn has the potential to supercharge your career in this industry.


One of the major benefits of an online degree is the additional flexibility it affords you. Having to physically attend classes on campus can be very challenging – if not impossible – for most parents due to commitments at home. Online learning takes the stress and time-intensive aspects of higher education out of the equation. You will be able to complete courses at a time that suits you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can take care of anything that happens at home at a moment’s notice. A 100% online course also means you don’t have to worry about getting to campus at all. 

Be your own boss

The traditional student-and-teacher classroom dynamic might not be as appealing for parents, especially when there are set class times. Online learning flips that dynamic on its head, allowing you to be your own boss and take complete courses when it suits you. Working at your own pace is important, especially if you have a busy and stressful home life to manage. You could complete courses after your children have gone to bed, or rise early to get work done. The choice is yours. 

Study anywhere

Learning to become a nurse online also means you won’t have to disrupt your home life and potentially move halfway across the country to take classes and tests. The ability to study anywhere – even if it’s just at a local coffee shop – will give you a sense of freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want at whatever location suits you. All of your instructors will be readily available online so you can get the advice and support you need at any time without having to meet in person. 

Fast and affordable

Enrolling in online courses online can save you a significant amount of money compared to pursuing a traditional higher education at a physical university. Many online degrees give you the opportunity to start classes at different points throughout the year, which is ideal for busy parents. Moreover, they can be completed in less time, which allows you to boost your career without having to commit to five years of studying. With so many advantages, it is no surprise that more nurses are embracing online learning. 

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