7 Health Risks of Obesity You Should Know

Did you know you can know your body mass index (BMI)? You are eligible because you only require your actual weight and height using an online calculator. If your body BMI is 30 or above, you are obese. Obesity does not conclude you will develop health complications, although it upsurges the risks of when being obese. Recently, obesity Valhalla has been posing serious health risks to the people living in the region. Here are seven health risks of obesity you should know.

  1. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, occurs when blood flows at a higher rate than normal in your vessels. The condition usually strains your heart, increases the chances of stroke and death, and kidney failure. If you become obese, you are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure.

  1. Sleep Apnea

If you experience breathing difficulties while sleeping, you should know you suffer from sleep apnea. On some occasions, you may find yourself not breathing at all for a given period. If not treated, it increases severe risks to your health, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

  1. Heart Complications

Heart disease poses a serious threat to your health as you can have heart failure and cardiac death. In most cases, high blood pressure increases your chances of heart disease. Did you know that losing between 5 and 10 percent of your weight reduces the chances of heart failure? You can lower your weight by changing your diet and exercising.

  1. Osteoarthritis

It is a common and lasting complication that results in severe pain, swelling, and decreased joint motion. Being obese upsurges the chances of having osteoarthritis as it puts additional pressure on your joints and cartilage. If you experience such symptoms, you should consult your medical practitioner for treatment.

  1. Fatty Liver Problems

In this case, you experience fat building in your liver, such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Having fatty liver complications is a serious problem as you will likely suffer liver damage, liver failure, or liver damage.

  1. Pregnancy Difficulties

In several instances, overweight and obesity increase complications that may occur when a woman is pregnant. If you are obese and pregnant, you are at greater risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Several health complications accompany these problems; thus, you should seek medical attention before they become serious.

  1. Social and Emotional Problems

Besides health complications, obesity is accompanied by mental health problems like depression. Besides, individuals are likely to suffer from stigmatization, and weight bias forms their close ones, including health care practitioners. As a result, you may develop feelings of rejection and shame which greatly impacts your mental wellbeing.

If you have been dreaming of reducing or regulating weight, you should not be reluctant to alter your behavior. You should visit your healthcare provider, who will facilitate a weight loss or management program. What if your provider is fully booked? Do not shiver because Advanced Surgeons, situated in Valhalla, New York, is here for you. The center comprises skilled specialists offering medical weight loss and bariatric surgery, facilitating management of obesity and declining your health complications accompanied with it. Call their offices or book online today to schedule your appointment.

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