Benefits of Parsley Water

A which is rich in vitamin C and K parsley, but also high amounts of calcium, iron and potassium. With these features not only as a plant used in salads, is being consumed healthier and among plants to protect them from various diseases. Parsley and parsley juice is traditionally a kidney stone, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, edema, and menstrual problems, and is used against asthma and cough. It is more scientific research is needed to clear information about all of the health conditions that suddenly come good. Nevertheless, you can contribute to your health by consuming more of this plant containing critical vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Parsley Nutritional Value

1 tablespoon (about 4 grams) fresh parsley; daily vitamin C requirement of 8%, 1% of calcium requirements, 1% of the iron needs, 6% of vitamin A requirements, vitamin K, 77% of its needs, meet 1% of folate requirements. Parsley also vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, phosphorus, dietary fiber, magnesium and copper minerals are a very good source term.

Parsley Benefits

Diuretic: Parsley is a powerful diuretic and is widely used for the removal of edema. This feature, among plants traditionally consumed in less than a body to dispose of gall and kidney stones. However, if you have gallstones or kidney parsley juice before you begin drinking regularly, I suggest you consult your doctor.

Cough and Sinusitis: Parsley juice, due to illness or allergies increased mucus helps to remove from the body faster. At the same time, it is full of the sinuses and coughing increases in revenue when good drink parsley tea or juice.

Gas: gas problem if raining parsley after meals you can drink water or tea. Too fast to drink parsley tea to reduce the gas, take a few sips every 2-3 minutes.

Eye Health: Parsley is rich in vitamin A, which is critical to eye health. Vitamin A provides the light sensitivity of the retina “rhodopsin” is used in the production of pigments.

Skin Health: Vitamin C production of collagen in skin elasticity and retarding the effects of aging that is used. Parsley contains high levels of vitamin C regularly take vitamin C needs by consuming a sufficient amount of skin and can delay wrinkles.

Cancer Prevention: Parsley, especially the colon, is among the proposed plant to protect against breast and skin cancer. However, the number of studies as to whether such a benefit currently inadequate. However, in some studies on animals, found in parsley “carnosol” has been found to prevent the growth of cancer cells called component.

Weight Loss: We know that most diets included in the list of parsley tea or parsley juice. The reason is actually parsley fat burning, this is not to lose weight, it helps to remove excess water in the body. Parsley, accelerate the elimination of edema with a diuretic effect.

Heart Health: Parsley is one of the most important B vitamins folic acids. Folic acid is found in high levels in body vessels directly destroying “homocysteine” is used to neutralize the molecule.

Rheumatoid Arthritis According to a study of 20,000 people participated in at least some areas through food and vitamin C, is most prevalent in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Best of parsley is one of the more common sources of vitamin C can reduce your risk of developing the disease by consuming considerably.

Kidney Health: I mentioned that traditionally consumed to accelerate the disposal of the body’s kidney stone above water, parsley and parsley. Parsley also in those without any kidney disease and improving kidney function is suggested to facilitate the processing of sodium by the kidneys.

Halitosis: chlorophyll found in parsley resolves chronic bad breath and freshen breath. Chlorophyll, the green plant that also cleans the blood and promotes the production of new red blood cells.

Water Parsley How to Prepare?

To prepare pure parsley leaves parsley 1 cup full of water because it is not easy and this amount is quite small there may be some side effects of pure parsley juice. Only the bitter taste of the parsley water is coming anyway. Take the bitterness and parsley as well as easier to prepare your drink carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato juice, you can use it with. What if you use vegetables in different colors so that’s good, because different colored vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals. 6-7 sprigs of parsley 1 cup parsley just use water for vegetables. You will need to prepare vegetable juice on the juice extractor. You can make tea at home or parsley juice extractor. Take parsley 1 large cup parsley leaves 10 pieces to prepare tea in boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. You can use honey or lemon to sweeten your tea.

Warnings, Precautions

Pregnant women, parsley should be drinking water that may cause contractions. 30-50 ml of water per day consumed more than parsley is not recommended. If you are using diuretic drugs or medication regularly for any health problem before drinking water parsley can get information from your doctor about possible side effects.

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