What Is The Difference Between Nurses And Nutritionists?

Nursing is the medical profession that deals with the protection, promotion, and optimization of the health of patients. They have in-depth knowhow and the ability to prevent illness, prevent injuries, pain relief therapies or the alleviation of suffering. They achieve this via diagnosis and treatment of patient response, and the care of individuals, families, among others.

Nutritionist on the other hand, is an expert that majorly deals with the nutrition of individuals. Nutritionists are mandated to asses and establish scientific evidence based nutritional consultations to various organizations for improving health and wellbeing.

Where They Can Work

Nutritionists can work in various settings, for instance educational and research facilities, food manufacturing companies or institutions, the state or local authorities, various health institutions, various aid organizations, sports and media organizations, among others.

Nurses normally work in health restricted areas for instance hospitals, pharmacies, medical labs, elderly homes or family care, among others. nevertheless, they can work in most community programs or for individuals who need personal care.

How to Become a Nurse


First, there are many types of nurses. They include:

Registered Nurse

Nurse Practitioner

Employed Student Nurse

Licensed Graduate Nurse

For all the fields, you must go through the education part. The education involves various level such as diploma, degree, or postgraduate levels such as masters. The diploma and degree are both undergraduate levels. They are normally based on hospital-based schools of nursing. The degree is a four year course meant to prepare students for the practical situations. Can be attained through a recognized institutions such as university and colleges. Masters is an advanced nursing practices such as nurse administrators, and nurse educators while the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs are mainly research based. After education, for one to practice they will need to be certified and licensed. Every country or state has its regulations.

How to Become a Nutritionist


For one to become a nutritionist, they have to go through education in class and practical as well. This way students are prepared for the real situations. This will lead to a bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition, dietetics, food service systems management, foods and nutrition, and any other related field. Then one will need to complete an internship program and then earn the certification or the RD/RDN credentials to earn the state license


Nutritionists and nurses are important persons in the society. They both handle situations that will lead to the betterment or wellbeing of individuals and organizations. Some people often refer to nurses as doctors because of their medical knowledge; however, nutritionists normally deal with foods or diet that will see people live a healthy lifestyle.

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