All You Need To Know About Cognitive Psychology

The way your thoughts run, the way you think make you the person you are. If these thoughts are that essential and vital part of one’s being, has anyone ever wondered where from they come? Yes, there have been great minds who developed a branch of science which is totally dedicated towards this subject only and experts call it PSYCHOLOGY. This psychology tree has many branches and the most interesting and lucrative way of understanding the brain functioning and thought process with a direct and technical method is COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.

Earlier psychology studies focused only on behavior part but during 1950 to 1970’s there was a vast research conducted on the other actions of brain like memory , retention, decision making etc. and all these researches were based on cognitive functioning of the brain and the term Cognitive Psychology was coined.

This branch of Psychology degree programs concentrates on the fact and study of the information taken, then processed and retained by the brain. Cognitive Psychology deals with how people remember, perceive information, their thought process and learning. This also is associated with other science fields like psycho analysis, neuroscience and philosophy. This field is used in the analysis of thought process and concluding the state of mind of a person.

Roles as A Cognitive Psychologist: Cognitive Psychology Program is the most interesting part of Psychology and you need to have a doctorate degree for practicing this field.

The Most Expected Roles of a Cognitive Psychologist are:

  • Human thought process understanding on the basis of research
  • University or college teachers
  • Reputed government organizations hire people with these degrees.
  • As consultants or managers at any organization understanding human behavior
  • Research related to human brain and the working of computer.
  • Understanding the brain function and development of children.
  • Working as teachers of language skill development and decision making process.
  • Cognitive psychologists can work in justice fields as well, working with legal departments and understanding the thoughts and the behavior of criminals, helping them to be better citizens.
  • Working with patients having memory problems and helping them by understanding their thought process like Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Cognitive Psychologist Salaries (Approx)

This field has many fruitful career opportunities and provides you with high profile jobs. Cognitive Psychologist salaries are very handsome and it is believed that on an average the initial salary of a cognitive psychologist is 90,000 dollars annually approximately and people who choose to work as teachers in this field they may earn up to 60,000dollars approximately.

Cognitive Psychologist work Environment And Conditions

The work environment of a Cognitive Psychologist is diverse; they may be working in schools and colleges, laboratories and research, industries and organization, hospitals, legal sector etc.

Whatever sector you choose the role as a Cognitive Psychologist means lots of research, data collecting and analysis. Most part of your day will be spent in positive discussions and brain storming with linguistics, psychoanalysts, scientists trying to know the thought process and retention along with input.

Cognitive Psychology Degree Program

This program is a proper doctorate program and takes 4 to 5 years in its completion. After completing this PHD degree you will have to work under a noticed or practicing Psychologist and go for internship to any hospital or organization around before practicing on your own.

Your cognitive psychology degree program will include studies in cognitive learning, neuroscience with advanced social psychology; life-span development along with research methods and training that will in turn include statistics, structural equations and psychometrics.

This is the latest field in research and involves lot of studies which are intriguing and satisfactory at the same time.

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