Innovative Treatment Plans During Menopause

When women reach the age of thirty years, estrogen production begins to decline. The reduced estrogen production causes women to become uncomfortable as menopause kicks in. The unpleasant symptoms reduce the quality of life for most women. However, women experiencing menopause Houston can now get innovative treatment plans that reduce the undesired symptoms. One of the treatments available is hormone therapy replacement, which has ensured that most women go back to living a fulfilling life. Let’s explore all the innovative treatment plans for women during menopause.

Getting the Treatment

Once you visit the doctor, you will discuss all the symptoms you have experienced, maybe before and during menopause. You will need to disclose those symptoms you have managed to control over time and those that prove stubborn. Also, the doctor will become interested in whether you are on medication or not during the consultation. Also, information about your medical history will determine the treatment options available for you. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the possibility of you getting any of the following treatment plans;

·         Hormone Replacement Therapy

The hormone replacement therapy makes women who have hot flashes and night flashes live comfortable lives. Also, if you have a dry vaginal which causes you immense discomfort during menopause, you will benefit from the therapy. Also, hormone therapy reduces instances of bone loss attributed to diminished estrogen levels.

During your menopause, the doctor can recommend hormone therapy in different forms depending on your personalized needs. You can get the recommended estrogen levels through;

  • Swallowing pills following the instructions of your doctor.
  • Placing a skin patch around your abdomen for the duration prescribed.
  • Putting on a ring
  • Applying gel or cream directly into your vaginal.
  • Sprays
  • Diet Plans

Menopause affects the rate of metabolism in women, therefore necessitating adopting a healthy diet. A healthy diet also reduces the symptoms to manageable levels. Your gynecologist will work with a dietician and nutritionist to develop meal plans that will benefit you during the transition. For instance, you can increase the uptake of calcium-rich products to strengthen the bones. Also, healthy fats, vegetables, and whole grains help counteract hot flashes and reduce health risks brought about by menopause.

  • Physical Exercises

Exercise becomes vital during menopause because the body changes place you at more health risks. Exercising helps maintain healthy and strong bones and maintain a healthy heart. More so, physical exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, thereby reducing instances of incontinence. After workouts, you will find out that you sleep better and dramatically improve your mood.

  • Low-dose antidepressants

During menopause, hot flashes become a common symptom. Various clinical trials have proved that the low dose antidepressant relieves hot flashes, among other vasomotor symptoms.

  • Medication

Certain medications such as gabapentin and clonidine help relieve hot flashes for women who do not qualify for hormone therapy.

Research shows that more than half of the women in menopause are undergoing treatment? If you are in menopause and the symptoms make your life miserable, you must visit the Memorial Women’s Specialists Center in Houston. The facility has specialists who develop customized treatment plans that suit your needs and make menopause bearable. Book an appointment today.

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