How to Choose the Right Mouth Guard for You

It would help if you protected your smile since it is the gateway to your inner feelings. You are at a higher risk of breaking your teeth if you play contact sports or grind your teeth, which can destroy your smile. But do not worry since the Midtown mouth guards specialists have covered you. You do not need to do away with your favorite sporting activity. All you need is to find the perfect protection for your teeth while enjoying your activity. Mouthguards offer protection to teeth, but you have to get the right type.  Here is how.

Choose the Right Style

Different types of mouthguards are available today, and you ought to pick the right style for you. The readymade mouthguards are ready to go to your mouth without being altered. There are also mouth-adapted mouthguards that you have to boil first before placing them on your teeth. And there are custom-fit mouthguards that have to be molded to your teeth by an expert. Choose the right style you need depending on your preferences. You might want a guard you can put directly to your mouth or one that you can tailor to fit your teeth.

Get a Guard That Comfortably Fits and Also Protects You

You do not have to choose between protection and comfort. The right mouthguard should give you both. Choose a mouthguard you can breathe and speak without difficulty and one that fits securely. Also, consider the mouthguard’s amount of coverage since a good guard should cover all your teeth and some of your gum. But it should not extend too far back. Remember that an uncomfortable and insecure mouthguard will need to be constantly adjusted and can distract you from your activity, negatively affecting your performance.

Consider the Safety of the Guard

When you get a mouthguard, it is critical to consider if it complies with safety regulations in your area of residence. You can research the regulations in your jurisdiction to ensure the product you are about to use has been tested and is safe for use. Also, there are certain hazardous compounds that a good mouthguard should not contain, like BPA, Formamide, and Phthalate (DEHP). You should be able to get the information about the product on the manufacturer’s website or contact them for clarification.

Look for Favorable Features

You might want to choose a mouthguard based on your sport and how you play it. You might need to select a particular color and pattern and consider specific functional features in your guard. For example, you need a guard with a high degree of defense if you engage in contact sports than when engaging in non-contact activities. Also, you might want to consider getting a brace-compatible mouthguard if you have braces.

Consider the Mouthguard Casing

It would help if you got a mouthguard that would be easier to maintain and handle. Therefore, please choose the right mouthguard casing to minimize your chances of misplacing it. Guards are small compared to other essentials in your game kit and can be easily lost between the helmets, shoes, gloves, and jerseys. But the right case can protect your guard at all times. Ensure the casing is breathable and resilient in case it drops. Also, get the right size you can handle.

It might not be cheap to know the right type of mouthguards you need on your own. But it can be easier working with the experts. Reach out to Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates, for help.

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