Things to Take Care of During Pregnancy

Whenever the pregnancy test of a woman comes positive, it marks the start of one of the most sensitive phases of her life. It requires constant care and vigilance after all giving birth to a new being out of one’s body is not something to be taken lightly. A pregnant woman is two beings in one body and it is crucial to take care of the baby even before it is born. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Countless women have given birth till now and with proper guidance and a healthy lifestyle, you and your baby would be fine. Any gynecologist in Queens can provide you with everything you need. Here we have also compiled some important points for you to keep under check.

Keep Your Weight under Check

When a woman gets pregnant, it is natural for her to gain weight for she is carrying another being inside her. But it is also seen that women often gain more weight than they should have or they may lose weight or they may gain but not enough. These are all possibilities that a pregnant woman may encounter. Only your doctor can tell you the weight you should have to keep your BMI in sight. Many complications can arise if the weight is not within the optimal category.

Take Care of your Diet

Mostly people around you try to get you to eat more for you now have to eat for two people. But the secret is not in eating more but in eating a healthy balanced diet that fulfils all the nutrient requirements of your body. Fish, red meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables are good for you. Always make sure the hygienic conditions are met like everything should be properly washed and food should be fully cooked. Also, limit your caffeine intake.

Vitamins and Sugar Substitutes

Pregnant women are often recommended to substitute their sugar intake with artificial sweeteners. But the moderation clause still applies to the sweeteners. Using too many artificial sweeteners can be problematic too. Moreover, you must fulfil your vitamin requirements. 400 mcg of folic acid is a must in your daily routine. Never take any vitamins without a doctor’s recommendation.

Don’t Skip Exercise

Many women skip exercise during pregnancy owing to all kinds of reasons. Unless you have issues during pregnancy and your doctor has specifically forbidden you to exercise there is no valid reason to skip it. A light exercise of half an hour is very helpful in keeping you healthy and your baby in turn. Instead of lifting weights, you may try swimming or running which are both great during pregnancy.

Visit your Doctor Regularly

During pregnancy, the mother and the baby both need constant observation by the doctor. You must keep the doctor informed of any changes you may feel in you. Moreover, the growth of the baby and the overall health of both mother and baby have to be checked periodically. Find a good doctor, or you may consult Gynecologist Queens, NY for proper guidance.

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