Public Health Administration As A Wellness Tool: Why It’s Important

Believe it or not, but there are some critics out there in Washington that do not believe that public health administration is vital in the betterment of our nation. While the public health administration sector provides nearly countless jobs in the country, very few law makers seem to grasp its importance as a wellness tool. With so many people reliant on the jobs provided by the public health administration sector, as well as the millions who rely upon these specialists, how can Congress be so blind?

The health and well-being of a nation depends on the health of its general population. Public health administration workers are involved in research, education, training and outreach health programs that are aimed at the prevention, awareness and treatment of health issues that threaten the life-expectancy and quality of life of the population. The quality of health administration is often indicative of the attitude of the government towards the welfare of its people. For better implementation of public health programs, general sanitation and addiction awareness and education programs go a long way. Public health administration programs provide such educational outreach that teaches the public to ensure that they drink clean drinking water, as well as understand the implications of addiction issues like tobacco and alcohol.

Defining the term “Health Services Administration”

Given the recent overhaul of the medical services industry by Obama, the health services administrations sector has received much more prominence in the news than it did before. Suddenly, the government has awakened to the fact that the health care industry is not quite up to its maximum potential. Since this is a core industry for health and well-being of the nation, it becomes imperative that the public health administration sector as it exists now is examined for flaws and then ironed out to ensure smooth delivery of medical services.

The public health administration sector currently has about 14.2 million jobs going with an expected increase of another 3.2 million jobs in the next 7 years. Public health administration refers to those jobs in the health care industry that do not deal directly with patients for treatment. These are the employees that run the clinic or hospital and help to coordinate medical services thus making life easier for patients. A clinic or local healthcare provider does not consist of only doctors, nurses and paramedics. There is also the receptionist, the cashier, the accountant, and the manager who run the clinic from the background. Without the input of public health administration workers, patients would be unable to access any medical treatment at all. Knowing the importance of health administration, you can take admission in medical admin courses and start a decent career.

Public Health Administration as an aid to promoting healthy lifestyles:

The biggest issues facing the US population at this point is smoking, alcoholism (there are 5 million alcoholics out of 1.5 million are adolescents), drugs and obesity. Public health administration programs need to be more impactful in helping to create public awareness about the harmful effects of these four health issues. Obesity is a big problem in the US right now, with the popular statistics among those in public health administration being 4 out of every 10 persons being under the obese category. Obesity leads to a host of other related problems like blood pressure, blood sugar, heart disease and stroke. Education on measures to reduce obesity like reduction of red meats; controlling of fatty and sugar rich foods. Promotion of exercise and healthful lifestyles form a part of every effective program that focuses on public good. Schools and colleges are good places to implement public health outreach programs as young adults and adolescents need the most intervention as far as addictions go. The sooner they are able to understand the implications of harmful addictions, the more likely they are to keep away from such problems. These are but some of the focuses of proper public health administration.

The interaction of public health administration officials with law makers is a good way to crack down and control the operation of drug dealing gangs. The sources of drug distribution need to be controlled to reduce drug addiction.

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