Preparation to undergo before going for Donor Egg Pregnancy

When you have chosen to go through pregnancy using donor eggs, questions may link in your mind about how this type of pregnancy will be successful. Over the years, this form of pregnancy has been performed successfully when the surrogate carrying the baby or the intended mother prepares appropriately for the entire procedure to receive the embryo and carry it. If you are planning to get pregnant through Newport Beach donor egg conception, here are the guidelines to follow to help you in pregnancy preparation and maintain your wellness.

1. Exercise

When you exercise a lot, it is essential to help boost your preconception health. Supposing you have not been active before going for an egg donation, it would be best to begin a fitness routine journey that will help you. When you are involved in regular exercise, it aids in managing your blood pressure, body weight, and blood sugar. These are three health factors that may affect you after getting pregnant.

Women who are overweight or those who get pregnant when they are over their 40s should ask for advice from their primary physician on which type of exercise to perform to avoid complications. Exercising during pregnancy is crucial to help you have developed a flexible and strong body.

However, it is essential to avoid a specific type of exercise as you prepare to get pregnant, which may strain your ligaments like complex stretching or jumping. Also, avoid exercises that may harm the baby by causing abdominal trauma like basketball and soccer, skiing, or horseback riding. Involve in a routine you can continue even after conception.

2. Nutrition

Before embryo implantation, you need to start a proper preconception nutrition routine. A proper and healthy diet can benefit your body to develop an ideal body weight and have a healthy immune system.

A proper nutrition program involves taking healthy fats, vegetable proteins, whole grains, and vital vitamins like vitamin D and B-12. The quality of food you also consume matters. You can avoid food containing many pesticides and soy products.

3. Diets

When you plan to go for donor egg pregnancy, proper preconception nutrition has so many benefits. A study by Harvard Research on dietary habits by women planning to conceive indicates that what women consume can affect their ovulation.

To prevent developing ovulatory challenges, you need to create an excellent dietary program that has the following: high complex carbohydrates to get fibers. The diet should include moderate fats to give your body a recommended weight range. The fats should be restricted to below 20% of your daily intake.

High proteins intake should include plenty of plant-based proteins like nuts and beans and reduce animal-rich protein foods associated with causing infertility problems.

4. Supplements

Certainly recommended supplementation is crucial to help your body prepare for pregnancy. This supplement may not be a substitute for taking a well-balanced diet, but they are crucial to help your body get certain nutrients and vitamins to have healthy reproductive health.

You may take supplements rich in vitamin C, E, Selenium, iron, calcium, and omega-three fatty acids. And avoid stress during that preparation period and after getting pregnant at all costs.

A holistic approach is necessary as you prepare for an IVF process to receive the donor eggs. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle routine to help support the pregnancy and ensure you go through a safe and successful pregnancy period. If you are interested in egg donor pregnancy, please get in touch with OC Fertility® for the best egg donor strategy and treatment plan to get pregnant.

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