Benefits of Reflexology For Babies

Reflexology is an age-old practice that originated from China. The treatment focuses on our pressure points to provide relief to our body. Currently, the treatment of reflexology has become quite popular in the Western world because of its potential. Reflexology can treat the symptoms of many physical illnesses.

By far it is the only form of treatment that is less invasive. And, it is also a completely natural procedure, and therefore, it is used to calm babies when they cry or get cranky. Babies can’t speak and let you know the pain they are going through, and therefore, they use trying to attract your attention. With the help of reflexology, you will not only be able to figure out what the child is feeling but will also be able to treat the highlighted problems.

Massage Guide for Babies

It has been seen that more than adults, babies are more responsive to reflexology. This is because babies have more responsiveness of touches. Like for instance, when a child cries or feels bad, the natural physical tendency of parents is to embrace the baby and caress him on the back or so. This is what makes the treatment of reflexology ideal for babies.

Reflexology includes the application of pressure on certain points of the body which is mostly present on the legs and the feet. The treatment is also helpful in treating certain health issues that might generate symptoms in certain parts of the body. The treatment of reflexology is completely safe so, there is no reason for you to try it out on your baby.

Head/Teeth: Rub the tips of the baby’s toes in order to treat any problems related to the head, teeth, and neck. Massaging of toes is recommended especially during the period of baby’s growth because it helps in relieving dental pain and also reduces any discomfort of the baby.

Sinuses: Sinus is a very common problem that is faced by both adults and children. The sinus area lies in the right central part of your insole. If you apply pressure in this particular region, it helps reduce the intensity of the symptoms of the sinus along with a runny nose, colds, and respiratory problems as well.

Chest: To deal with chest-related problems focus on the Pingel foot area of the baby. Massaging this particular point helps in relieving pectoral congestions and also heals chronic productive colds and coughs. In fact, several studies have shown that reflexology can reduce all forms of congestion.

If you are a new parent then, it is advisable that you should at least learn the basics of reflexology so that you can soothe your baby if he/she gets cranky. This will not only be beneficial for you because but, it will also provide comfort to the baby. If you do it right then, you will no longer have to deal with the never-ending midnight cries. So, be a smart parent and know your baby’s points!

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