5 Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Dental to book your appointment if you need a tooth extraction.Although it is uncomfortable, sometimes a tooth must be extracted. Tooth extraction is a crucial component of preserving oral health in situations when leaving the tooth alone might lead to a slew of other, often far more serious health issues. Fortunately, Fairfield sedation dentistry ensures you feel little or no discomfort during tooth extraction.

Reasons for Teeth Extraction

Although your permanent teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, there are some cases where tooth extraction is necessary. Here are reasons for teeth extraction;

1.      Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most prevalent cause of tooth extraction worldwide. Patients who need tooth extraction owing to dental decay may have delayed visiting the dentist for years. In most cases, tooth rot takes years to proceed to the point of tooth loss. Tooth decay damages the enamel of the tooth in its early stages. When the enamel is worn away, the dentin, the tooth’s inner layer, starts to degrade.

Tooth decay becomes more widespread the longer the patient stays without treatment. If the tooth decay has progressed to the point that it can no longer be salvaged, your dentists may prescribe extraction followed by dental restoration.

2.      Gum disease

If left untreated, gum disease can be just as damaging to the teeth as dental decay. As the gum disease progresses, it causes the deterioration of the ligaments, gum tissue, and bone that hold the teeth. Therefore the teeth become loose as the supporting components of the teeth deteriorate. Gum disease may eventually cause teeth to fall out on their own, or the teeth may need to be extracted along with gum disease.

3.      Crowded Teeth

  Teeth extraction is a perfect solution to remedy the overcrowding of teeth. A patient’s orthodontic treatment may include tooth extraction. If the patient’s teeth are significantly crowded, the orthodontist may suggest that permanent teeth be removed. This allows greater room for the remaining teeth to be pushed into alignment to be all flush. Most tooth extractions for overcrowded teeth are done on children and teens.

4.      Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that has not fully sprouted beyond the gum line or has only partially sprouted. Dental impaction may result from; overcrowding, a tooth that gets crooked or slanted at strange angles, and a tooth that gets misaligned. The wisdom teeth are frequently impacted because the jaw is too small to contain them. Therefore the dentist may extract the affected teeth and the Wisdom teeth.

5.      Trauma

When you are involved in an accident, teeth are often among the first casualties. Accidents may damage your teeth, whether it is a wayward baseball coming at you at quick speed or being involved in a vehicle collision.

An accident might sometimes leave a tooth too damaged to salvage. If this is the case, tooth extraction will be required as part of the healing process. Otherwise, a broken tooth might get seriously infected, necessitating surgery like a root canal, which can be as painful.

Bottom -line

Reasons for tooth extraction include tooth decay, gum diseases, impacted teeth, and trauma. However, you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease by visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and maintaining good oral hygiene.

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