4 Reasons to Consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which physicians fertilize eggs in a petri dish outside of the womb. After the eggs have been fertilized, the embryos are examined to ensure they are healthy. Then one or more are implanted into the womb of a woman. If you are having trouble starting a biological family, you should consider seeking Fertility Consultation Mountain View. IVF has produced millions of babies

Here are reasons you may consider IVF:

1.            You are a woman over 40 years

One of the most common reasons to consider IVF is if you are over 40 years woman and want to have a baby. Only around 25,000 of the approximately one million eggs you were born with remain when you are forty years old. And most of those eggs are no longer fertile; that is why your chances of conceiving naturally are so slim.

IVF involves taking hormones that cause several eggs to be released in a single menstrual cycle, increasing the chances of one or more of them being healthy and viable. Then one or two viable embryos are transferred to your uterus.

2.            You have a genetic disorder

If you or your spouse has a genetic issue that might have a detrimental effect on your kid, you may want to be tested before trying to conceive. You may opt to have a natural pregnancy and monitor the baby’s development based on the findings of those tests.

However, if your kid is at high risk for birth abnormalities or other severe conditions, IVF may be a better option. After forming embryos from your fertilized egg, the doctor will check for chromosomal problems. Only healthy embryos are implanted in your womb.

3.            You are a same-sex couple

If you are two biological females who desire to have their own kid may choose a sort of IVF known as reciprocal IVF. In this situation, one woman provides her eggs (and, consequently, her genetic material) while the other bears the kid in her womb.

Although the infant will not inherit the second woman’s DNA, her body nurtures and transforms the baby as it develops. You may opt to utilize a confidential sperm donor or find a friend to donate their sperm for you.

Two biological guys who desire to conceive a kid together may give sperm that is subsequently utilized to fertilize donor eggs. The resultant embryos would be implanted through IVF into a surrogate’s womb.

4.            You want to use your frozen eggs or sperm

You may have frozen your eggs or sperm when you were younger to have children later in life because you wanted to concentrate on your career. You may opt to have a baby via IVF if now:

·         Have a low sperm count or ovarian reserve

·         Infertile after undergoing a cancer treatment procedure

·         Decide to use a surrogate mother

Your partner’s frozen eggs or sperm may also be helpful in the event of their death.

IVF can be the best option if you or your partner has fertility issues or you are a same-gender couple. Contact NOVA IVF to schedule an appointment and learn more about IVF.

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