What Does Primary Care Involve?

Every person has a right to access primary healthcare. And why is it important? Primary care ensures you get the medical care you need in case of an illness or a health issue. It is critical to promote your wellness and life quality. Unfortunately, many individuals still struggle with getting healthcare, which is sad. According to a primary care South Charleston specialist, Dr. Patel, primary health care is essential in allowing you to achieve your health concerns and goals. Continue reading to discover more about primary care.

What is primary care?

It involves your first contact with a medical provider to cater to your daily health needs. A primary healthcare provider has skills and knowledge of your body systems. The goal is to provide various health services to enhance your well-being.

Among the services you can receive from a primary care provider include:

·         Geriatric care

·         Annual wellness exams

·         Chronic disease management

·         Medication management

·         Specialist referrals

·         Sports medicine issues

·         Physicals

A primary care provider is the first place you go when you feel unwell. They provide solutions and comprehensive care to various health issues, including colds, bacterial and viral infections, the flu, coughs, and more.

What to expect from a primary care provider?

Usually, primary care provides answers to your regular health needs and may include;

Health education

It’s through primary care that you learn how to maintain your health. It can be through preventive care, including learning about the proper diets and lifestyle habits, which will improve your health.

Your provider may also advise on the health check-ups, when to have them and why they are essential.

Family planning

It is a sensitive matter that needs careful addressing. Family planning allows you to protect your productive health by planning when to have children. It is crucial as it gives you the chance to bring up children you can comfortably afford to care for.

A primary care provider guides you in choosing the ideal family planning methods.

Health screenings

Regular health screening is critical; it helps prevent health complications and provides early treatments.

Routine gynecological care

Every woman needs regular gynecological care to promote their wellness and provide for their needs.

Diagnosis and treatment

You can expect to receive extensive diagnosis and treatment for various health issues from your primary care provider.

Why do you need a primary healthcare provider?

Well, health is naturally given to us, but what you do with it is what matters. How often you visit your primary care provider determines your health and wellness. People who see their primary care provider regularly have a lower risk of health complications and death.

Usually, you shouldn’t only visit your medical provider when you are sick. Making a primary care provider your friend comes a long way in maintaining your health. It’s essential to preserve your health from future health problems.

Having someone who understands and takes care of your health is beneficial. A primary care provider provides solutions to your daily health needs while preventing you from future health issues and complications. Contact Patel & Patel M.D., INC, to schedule your consultation.

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