Top Ways to Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation

One of the most notorious skincare problems is hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. A lot of women struggle with pigmented skin and have to rely on concealers and correctors to cover up these flaws but that is not a permanent solution. There are various reasons why your skin might lose its pigment and there is now enough empirical research available to help resolve the issues permanently. Here are some of the most reliable tips to get rid of pigmented skin.

Eat the Right Things

            One of the most common causes of skin pigmentation is associated with a lack of Vitamin C. If you are deficient in vitamin C, there is a high chance, this is the culprit behind your pigmented skin. You can eliminate this issue by increasing fruits rich in Vitamin C in your daily diet. Having fresh juices of Vitamin C rich fruits is an excellent way to not only keep your skin hydrated but also increase your Vitamin C levels and help fighting pigmentation. For added benefits, you can also take additional supplements of multivitamins to meet the shortfall.

See a Dermatologist

            A lot of skin and hair care problems are consequences of an underlying medical issue. If you are facing a problem that needs medical attention, no amount of cosmetic treatments will help unless you address the core problem. The ideal person who can help you, in this case, is your dermatologist. Your doctor will have your blood work done and will rule out any medical causes. If there is a medical problem, then your doctor will most likely prescribe you a treatment plan, which will most likely include medicines and medicated skincare products to treat the issue. If your blood work is fine, your doctor will guide you about the possible causes of pigmentation and the best way forward.

Cosmetic Treatments

            Thanks to the advancements in technology and the beauty industry, there are a lot of cosmetic treatments available today that you can choose from to treat your skin pigmentation. Treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser peels and chemical peels are some of the popular treatments for skin discoloration. Some of these treatments can be more expensive than others and the cost might depend on the intensity of the problem. Although a lot of salons claim to offer most of these services, you should do a thorough check and only goes to a certified and reputed cosmetologist with a proven track record.

Organic Face Masks

            Face masks are a great way to treat most skin problems including skin coloration. Although there are a lot of chemical-based cosmetic face masks available in the market, you should steer clear of anything that is loaded with chemicals. You can make face masks at home using kitchen ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, rose water, Orange peels, Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon juice to prepare homemade organic masks. If you do not feel comfortable with making your own masks, some of the Asian Cosmetics offer great organic face masks such as Indian healing clay and Bentonite clay which have proven to be a cult favorite in recent times and have shown proven results. That being said, always do a patch test before using any new product.

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