Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

You can gain weight as you age if you keep eating the same amount of food and you do not engage in physical activities. Weight gain happens because the metabolism in your body slows with age, and your fat and muscles are different from when you were young. Genetics, age, gender, lifestyle, and sleep can affect weight. They can either make you lose or gain weight. Your trusted healthcare facility, Nova Physician Wellness Center, can help you develop a meal plan to maintain a healthy weight. The following tips will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast sets the path for the whole day. Ensure your breakfast is a wholesome meal with all the nutrients. Your body will quickly burn all these calories throughout the day and maintain your metabolism, preventing fat accumulation.

Avoid starving yourself

Too much calorie restriction slows down your metabolism, and it may cause a change in specific hormones that regulate appetite. These factors can lead to weight gain. Ensure you take your meals regularly.

Doing daily exercises

Maintaining energy balance is essential in healthy weight management. Regular exercise burns off the calories you consume each day; therefore, it is possible to maintain the same weight. Exercises will increase your metabolism, which helps to keep balanced energy levels.

Include a lot of fiber in your diet

Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains are some of the foods with high fiber. They take a long time to digest, so you feel full and satisfied for many hours. High fiber eliminates cravings for overeating, hence preventing chances of weight gain.

Eat sugar alternatives

It is challenging to keep off sweet foodstuffs, so you need to switch to sugar alternatives like honey. Foods with refined sugar like sweets, cakes, or biscuits are the primary culprits of weight gain. Do not stock your house with refined sugar foods to avoid temptations.

Count your calories

A good plan for your calories intake is crucial in weight maintenance. You can make a weekly plan to keep on track and prevent yourself from over or under-eating. Your healthcare provider can help you make the right meal plan.

Get enough sleep

Enough sleep helps to maintain weight. Insufficient sleep increases the hunger hormone called ghrelin, increasing appetite and leading to weight gain. Less sleep will also lower leptin levels, a hormone controlling appetite; hence poor eating habits affect weight.

Take a lot of proteins

Proteins increase hormones that promote satiety and reduce the ones that increase hunger. Proteins will promote fullness, increase metabolism, and reduce the number of calories you take daily, maintaining a healthy weight.

Weigh yourself regularly

Monitoring your weight regularly can help maintain a healthy weight. Weighing is essential because you are aware of your progress. It will be easy to make changes in your diet or lifestyle, contributing significantly to weight maintenance.

It is clear that what you eat, exercises, sleep, and mental health are significant in weight maintenance. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will help maintain a healthy weight. Call to schedule an appointment to learn weight maintenance techniques to help you live a healthy life.

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