The Mediterranean Diet Protects the Liver

Liver; vitamins, sugar and store iron, hazardous waste such as ammonia in the blood, drugs and other toxic substances, such as an extremely important function to metabolize.

Therefore, we take care of our liver is vital. Otherwise, “hepatitis” problem in the so-called liver inflammation occurs. As a result of chronic inflammation and permanent damage, the “cirrhosis” developing. Worse, the risk of developing cancer is higher in damaged liver tissue. In fact, the changes we make in our lifestyle and protect your liver with regular follow-up is not difficult! Acibadem International Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Nurten Küçükmet the Turkel, we need to take measures for a healthy liver was as follows:

Mediterranean Type of Feed: Mediterranean-type diet prevents fatty liver. Therefore, pay attention to the Mediterranean diet, fats, processed meat, meat offal, avoid the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. Do not pay attention to eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily to stay away from trans fats is very important for liver health. Season to help the excretion of toxic substances in the liver that are more often a good idea to consume all yellow with artichokes and green vegetables. Omega 3 reduces antioxidants in the liver steatosis. Antioxidants provide protection against harmful toxins and rid the body of toxins speeding up the process, they help to restore the normal function of the liver. If fruits and vegetables are the best natural sources for antioxidants.

Limit Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol is one of the factors most damaging to the liver. 80 grams per day in men, in women and more than 20 grams of alcohol taken over 10 years increases the risk of cirrhosis. Therefore Do not consume alcohol for liver health, or rather less important.

To prevent these infections in our country the most common causes of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, are hepatitis B and C viruses. The most common way bulaşs are in the blood, they can become sexually or from mother to baby. The Hepatitis B vaccine provides protection. However, so far there is no vaccine for hepatitis C. To be protected; well done the control of blood and blood products, toothbrushes, personal belongings of the common-use, razor blades, manicure, pedicure, pay attention to the piercing sterilization with tattoos, and vaccination of people with a high risk of infection is recommended.

Get Rid of Excess Weight: Alcohol is not the sole responsibility of fatty liver. Whether alone, with inflammation wants to get developed, the most common cause of fatty liver, which is today’s major health problems, obesity! Society in one of the patients who underwent ultrasound every 4-5 for any reason, it seems fatty liver. The imposition of a 10 percent weight loss has been shown to reduce the risk of fatty liver. Cut alcohol consumption to avoid fatty liver, quit smoking, lose weight, it’s important to exercise and keep your blood sugar under control.

The Indiscriminate Use of Medicines: Avoid the use of non-recommended drugs and plant-based products for treatment by a physician. Pain relievers and fever reducers, some antibiotics and cortisone derivative drugs, recommended dose and take the time by a doctor is very important. This drug overdose or unnecessarily for long-term use can lead to liver failure or malfunction of the liver structure.

Exercise Regularly

According to research; When diet and exercise do together it is more effective in the reduction of fatty liver. However, losing weight too quickly can fatten the liver. Do not the most ideal of 500-900 grams per week. Therefore, the structure is balanced and time, or by the exercise. For example, 5-6 days per week, you can moderate aerobic exercise for 30-45 minutes each time.

1-2 Cups of Coffee A Day For

With the accumulation of fat droplets in the liver cells, and fatty liver occurs. Over time the amount of adiposity associated with the structural and functional disorders arises in the liver. In inflammation-induced liver steatosis that occurs in the “steatohepatitis” he called. Years of driving steatohepatitis can cause cirrhosis. In particular, it studies in recent years; Although the exact mechanism is not understood together, 1-2 cups of coffee a day have reported that liver steatosis and reduces the risk of liver cancer development.

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