Major Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain can affect how you lead your life because it can move from dull aching to stiffness and swelling. You have many joints in your body that can become affected either through injury or disease. For instance, the ankle can get injured when you walk on an uneven floor, and your wrist can become affected after you fall. Depending on the cause of the pain, you can have one joint painting or multiple joint pains. Suppose you become a victim of  Las Vegas joint pain. You should seek immediate treatment to avoid instances where you will need corrective surgery. For this discussion, we will focus on the causes of joint pain.

1.         Arthritis

The different types of arthritis cause joint pain and stiffness, limiting your functionality and life. For example, osteoarthritis occurs after wear and tear depletes the cartilage that cushions the bones in a joint. If the joint has no cartilage, your bones will rub against each other, irritating the nerves, and resulting in excruciating pain.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you will experience joint pain because it causes the joints to swell. The condition results after the immune system attack the healthy body tissues. If not managed well, you will observe that the joints become deformed, and the bones erode with time.

Another category of arthritis affects your toe. Gout arthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects one joint. You will experience pain in your big toe, and you experience pain. The state oscillates between too much pain to no pain at all. You should not use the lack of pain to excuse not seeing a physician.

If you suffer from a psoriatic skin condition, you can also have psoriatic arthritis. Once it affects your joints, you will experience swelling, rigidity, and pain. You will need to see a physician at the onset of the disease to manage its progression before it becomes too late.

2.      Joint Fractures

You can get joint fractures regardless of whether you engage in sports. Whether you are involved in an accident or are playing a dangerous sport, you can have a significant feature that affects multiple parts of your joint. Immediately after the fracture, you should see a physician to avoid escalating the level of injury on your part. Depending on the status of the fracture, you will get referred to a specialist for further treatment.

3.      Tendon or Ligament Damage

The tendon performs a vital role by connecting tissue to the bone while the ligament attaches bone to bone. When the tendon or ligament becomes damaged, your joint will lose functionality. Mainly you will experience weakness, pain, and swelling around the joint.

Joint injury or damage can deny you the opportunity to sleep because of the pain level. The primary cause of joint pain is arthritis because it affects the joints. At Modern Wellness Clinic, you will find an experienced team of specialists dealing with joint pain. Therefore, if you have any joint pain, book an appointment with them today.

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