Lower back pain and all it is about

After a long day of work, it is usually to feel some pain in parts of your body. This may be primarily focused on your back, characterized by your urge to lie down. This pain can be attributed to general body tiredness and soreness. However, this pain may begin appearing regularly, causing discomfort. This kind of chronic low back pain Glen Rock may need to be addressed by a physician. More about this kind of pain is discussed further below.

What is lower back pain?

This pain around your back may come about from various diseases, conditions, or injuries to tendons or muscles in the associated regions. The resulting pain may vary from extreme to moderate, with severe pain making it challenging to sleep, walk, work, or do your daily errands.

Resting, physical therapy, and pain relievers typically deal with lower back pain. The healing process can be helped or pain relieved through treatments like cortisone injections. Other cases may need surgical intervention.

Lower back issues are among the most widespread conditions people visit medical facilities for. Lower back pain may happen more often in some people rather than others due to factors like:

·         Excess weight or obesity may increase your chances of back pain due to extra pressure on discs and joints

·         Advancing age may enhance the wearing out of disks in your spine, causing stiffness and pain

·         Activities and jobs that involve bending a lot or lifting heavy objects may cause back pain

·         People who drink alcohol heavily or smoke regularly may weaken their muscles increasing their risk of back pain

·         Family histories of cancer and osteoarthritis make the risk of getting the pain higher

·         Spine alignment changes due to conditions like scoliosis

·         Anxiety and depression may affect your mental health, causing pain

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms may come slowly over time, suddenly, or after a particular event like bending over. You may not know what caused the pain, and it may be dull or achy while circulating down the back of your legs. Lying down alleviates the pain while bending positions make them worse. Other symptoms witnessed may include:

·         Difficulty in staying upright, making your stance crooked due to the pain

·         Challenging to straighten or move your back, moving from a sitting position to take a while

·         Uncontrollable contraction or spasms of muscles in associated areas


Conditions, injuries, or diseases that may cause lower back pain are as follows:

·         Bone fractures of the spine due to an accident

·         Back sprains and strains that injure your muscles

·         Spinal stenosis

·         Herniated disks

·         Diseases like spine tumors or kidney stones

·         Arthritis

·         Spondylolisthesis makes your vertebrae slip out of place, causing back pain

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis is made physically or with additional tests like x-rays.

Treatment involves:

·         Physical therapy

·         Pain medications

·         Steroid injections

·         Hands-on manipulation treatments

·         Surgery in extreme conditions

Lower back pain usually goes away after lying down and getting enough rest. However, chronic discomforting back pain may need further medical intervention. For any lower back pain questions, visit our website, or call our offices in Glen Rock, NJ.

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