Looking for a Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are varicosities or swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus. There are several different types of hemorrhoids, including external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, prolapsed hemorrhoids, and strangulated hemorrhoids. There are a number of different supposed causes of hemorrhoids.

They include genetic disposition, straining during bowel movements, and having too much pressure on the rectal veins due to poor muscle tone or pore posture. Another reason could be insufficient hydration, as being dehydrated and not drinking enough water can cause a hard stool, which can then lead to hemorrhoid irritation.

How to Find a Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for hemorrhoids that is used quite commonly, as adding drops of such things as lavender and jasper to a hot shallow bath will help to soothe the hemorrhoid irritation. Ayurveda is another popular natural remedy for hemorrhoids, and in order to relieve the itching with this particular product, you should apply it at bedtime three nights in a row, then stop for two nights, resume for three more nights, and continue this pattern until the external hemorrhoids are cleared.

Another popular natural remedy for hemorrhoids is a change in diet. This is important because a high-fiber diet is absolutely the key to preventing or treating any case of hemorrhoids. When you increase the fiber in your diet, your stool will be softer, thus allowing you to not have to push as hard when you defecate. Consuming at least 30 grams of fiber each day is essential, including at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and bean and bran products.

Yet another popular natural remedy for hemorrhoids choice is herbal remedies. Saint John’s wort, for instance, is commonly used to treat hemorrhoids. This product can help to relieve the itching and burning qualities of hemorrhoids, and most health food stores carry salves that are made from this herb. Witch hazel is popular too, which should usually be distilled in alcohol before applying to the skin.

Homeopathy works to help relieve hemorrhoids. If you take a short sitz bath twice a day and then apply Aesculus and Hamamelis ointment after each bath, this ointment will help to relieve pain and swelling and can help to speed the healing process. These remedies are also available in most health food stores, and so they should be easy enough for you to find.

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