Inflammatory Diseases (Prostatitis)

Urologists report: More than 30% of young men suffer from prostatitis, every second of them subsequently becomes … impotent! How can you strengthen male health?

From the editor: the statistics of “male” problems are shocking! The World Health Organization cites the following data: More than 35 percent of the male population in Europe and the United States have had symptoms of prostatitis. More than 19 percent of men between the ages of 16 and 59 have a confirmed diagnosis of “chronic prostatitis”.

85% of men in Berlin suffer from erectile dysfunction …

The root cause of these dramatic statistics on prostatitis in men is varicose veins. We talk to the urologist about how prostatitis is connected with varicose veins and how to solve the problem of impotence without surgery, a massive drug “attack” and complex manipulations.

Hello, Doctor. I would like to immediately ask a question: does it really look as bad as the statistics show?

Good day. Unfortunately, I can only confirm the data given: the statistics are relentless and even a small error in the normal range can save the situation.

Three quarters of the male population in the German capital are concerned about erectile dysfunction, potency, prostate cancer and prostate dysfunction. Nobody has seriously considered this problem – people don’t want to talk openly about such intimate things. It is difficult for men to recognize their own weakness, that is true. Better put your head in the noose so as not to talk to anyone about it at all …

Wait, you claim that prostatitis and male impotence lead to suicide? Does that mean that men would rather put their heads in a noose than go to the doctor?

Yes, there is also such a sad statistic. Most of the time, this cause is not mentioned. If there is no suspicion of murder, if the person has not written a suicide note or told anyone about their intimate problems, an autopsy will not take place. The pathologist doesn’t conduct an investigation, that’s not his job.

Although he could give information about his “patients” “male problems” if you asked him. An inflamed prostate is easy to diagnose. Just look at the photos of the men with symptoms of inflammation, tumors and other pathologies of the prostate that I had to operate on.

Even if the prostatitis is not in the acute phase, with a purulent inflammation, it spoils the life of men. For no apparent reason, fever and pain (including with bowel movements, urination and sexual intercourse) can appear, normal sex life is not possible, the erection is disturbed, weakness, sluggishness and depression also occur. With an inflamed prostate you get a strong intoxication, this is very serious, which is why appropriate measures must be taken immediately.

Almost all men with prostatitis rate their quality of life below average. I am not talking about mental wellbeing, this is not there at all. All over Europe and in the East (Germany, France, Japan) such statistical results are recorded: in 90% of men with an acute and chronic form of prostatitis, the quality of life deteriorates by half, if not more.

Most of my patients knew or suspected what the problem was. Prostatitis does not arise out of nowhere. It starts with another disease, for example varicose veins, possibly an infection, including venereology, problems with irregular intercourse, as well as jobs that are carried out while sitting, hormonal disorders, etc.

By the way, the causes of prostatitis are completely different, but almost always patients suffer from varicose veins at the same time. Circulatory disorders also have a negative effect on the disease, the disease can develop very quickly, the treatment can take a very long time – the blood flow and the drainage of the prostate expression are disturbed, the medication only works very slowly.

I tell all of my patients this: “If you don’t treat prostatitis and live with it for years, tragedy can happen in one day. This can develop into sepsis or prostate cancer. Also, thoughts of suicide come to mind … Sometimes removal of the prostate gland is the only way out. Therefore one should start treating the prostate in good time.

I think it will be interesting for our readers how to get rid of the parasites in the first place?

It is important here when the problem was identified and at what stage it is at the time of treatment. The detection of diseases in the prostate is currently at a high level. However, the patients usually come late, very late.

In addition, at an advanced stage of the disease you need a higher budget for drugs. There are also treatment procedures. Many simply cannot afford it and stop treatment.

I have a complex approach, I try to tailor treatment to remove inflammation, treat the veins and normalize blood flow. In this case, tablets and massages are efficient. In the early stages of the disease, safe means on a natural basis are sometimes sufficient. The treatment result is already visible after a short time, it is cheaper and there are no serious side effects. Instead of 1000 euros, you pay 30 euros and get a great result.

Doctor, thank you for the detailed interview. Finally, would you like to say something to our readers?

I’m just saying that our lives are in our hands. Until we start taking care of our health, no one will do it for us. One can now continue to sit in front of the computer or the television with stagnation in the prostate gland, with varicose veins, thrombosis and inflammation. While it is time to go to the doctor and order the necessary medication from the manufacturers.

You can live a full life all your life, while remaining a man into old age. However, you can also take 15 years of health and sexual life or even take your own life, for you this is no way out. You should start to change your relationship with yourself and your body and include: exercise, diet, vitamins, regular sex and simply enjoying life.

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