Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

One of the ways to tell that something is wrong with your physical health is pain or limited mobility. It not only affects your daily life but also has an effect on your performance in sports, among other physical activities. Different factors may lead to injuries and problems associated with physical health. The key is getting comprehensive treatments to get to the roots of your problem. The foot and ankle surgeon in Alamo Heights, and the team at the Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio, provide the best care in sports medicine to restore your health. Here we look more into foot and ankle services at Sports Medicine Associates.

Foot sprains

Foot sprains are common from almost any physical activity, including sports, running, or work. They occur due to a ligament tear in your feet. Ligaments join the bones together to enhance stability.

The foot contains several tissues prone to injuries and damage during regular life activities.

Foot sprains occur in different forms depending on their degree of wear or damage. Foot sprains are likely to have the following symptoms:

·         Bruising or swelling

·         Foot pain and tenderness

·         Pain when standing or moving

·         A swollen bump

·         Difficulty supporting your weight with the affected weight

Your provider at Sports Medicine Associates works with you to find a comprehensive treatment plan.

Ankle fractures

Ankle fractures affect your ankle joint. It can result from injuries, falls, accidents or slips. The severity is different and may require various levels of medical care. It is essential to consult your provider when you do not find relief from your ankle injuries using home remedies.

Ankle fractures may cause the following symptoms.

·         Swelling

·         Tenderness

·         Strained mobility

·         Unending pain

·         Bruising

In severe cases, a protruding bone underneath your skin may be visible.

Plantar fasciitis

It is a common injury among athletes or physically active people. A plantar fascia is a group of tissues found between your heels and toes. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the tissues form a tear, causing inflammation.

You may encounter a burning pain in your heels, especially when you first wake up. The symptoms may go away without any medical intervention; however, when they stay more than some weeks, it’s wise to find medical help.

Achilles tendonitis

It is a physical injury that results from the extended use of the Achilles tendon. Found at your heel, the Achilles tendon provides support when jumping, walking, or standing on your feet balls.

Athletes are likely to have this type of injury, which associates with the following symptoms.

·         Warm skin to the touch

·         Tight calf muscles

·         Swelling of your heel

·         Limited movement

Usually, the injury develops from repetitive or excessive exercise, especially in soccer, basketball, or tennis. Lack of enough warm-up may also cause the problem.

What are the treatments for foot and ankle injuries?

·         ice and heat therapy

·         wearing a cast

·         custom orthotics

·         physical therapy

·         taking a rest from your physical activity

Most sports injuries affect your hands, legs, and feet. It is critical to seek help at the first notice of a problem to avoid complications. Taking a rest from your physical activity can help lower the effects of your injuries. The team at Sports Medicine Associates provides treatments that will treat and benefit your targeted areas. Consult with the sports medicine surgeon today; call to book your session.

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