Esthetician’s Role in the Beauty Industry

The cosmetic industry has grown in importance in recent times. This field, closely related to the medical industry, has had to fight off widespread stigmatization. Many people see it as a shallow industry for movie stars and celebrities who only care about their looks. However, many people have now begun to realize that cosmetic procedures can also be for ordinary people. This has led to cosmetic facilities with skin specialists like estheticians. To learn more about a Brooklyn, NY aesthetician, keep on going through the article, where it is discussed in detail.

Who is an Esthetician?

This is a beauty technician specially trained to deal with skin issues. They are not medical healthcare providers but perform cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, facials, waxing, and body treatments. A salon or spa is the usual location to get these procedures done.

Estheticians focus on cosmetic treatments of the skin and are referred to as skincare therapists.

Esthetics is not a medical practice; thus, estheticians have some things they cannot do, including:

·         Prescribe medication

·         Diagnose skin conditions

·         Suggest skin treatment plans that do not involve cosmetic products

Their treatments are typically performed on the superficial layers of the skin. Procedures like facial fillers, chemical peels, and Botox to treat wrinkles cannot be provided by an esthetician.

Spas have different treatment plans offered by estheticians. Some main ones include:


A facial typically consists of:

·         Facial steam

·         Deep cleansing

·         Mask

·         Exfoliation treatment

·         Serum or moisturizer

Speciality products and arm, facial, and shoulder massages may be administered.

Facials are typically suited to match your skin’s needs and preferences. Each esthetician has their unique method of doing the procedure.

Acne Treatment

Blackheads and mild acne can be gotten rid of through acne products, extractions, or exfoliating procedures. Exfoliation is where you get rid of the dead cells using chemicals or scrubs.

Treatments to be combined with prescription acne medications can be given by estheticians. Choices of skincare products to deal with acne treatment side effects like dry skin are offered.


Extractions involve getting rid of blackheads from your skin, usually done with most facials. The blackheads are removed manually while oil and dead skin cell blockages are cleansed from your pores.

The results from extractions are immediate and improve the feel and look of the skin. Inflammatory acne is prevented from developing in the future.

Superficial Chemical Peels

The skin is rapidly exfoliated by applying an alpha hydroxy acid that gives the skin a healthy glow. They are done quickly, require no downtime, and combat anti-ageing effects.


This wildly popular treatment involves gently passing superfine crystals over your skin to remove dead cells. The results offer benefits that include:

·         Fewer fine lines

·         Softer skin

·         Smaller pores

·         Patches of minor hyperpigmentation are removed

Estheticians may work closely with other specialists like dermatologists to discuss their patients’ most suitable treatment plans. Esthetician’s procedures complement treatments from dermatologists. Check us out online or call our offices in Park Slope, NY, for any cosmetic concerns.

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