During Diet Should be Considered Highly

The diet can undo the wrong done correctly known too short though you think you think you lost weight in the weight given soon. By neglecting health and nutrition while dieting may weaken on a permanent basis as well as you can easily maintain your ideal weight. Do you pay attention to your diet with proper nutrition during dieting may experience highly successful.

Should be Considered Highly

It must be salt consumption should not exceed 2-3 grams per day. Salt will result in the retention of water in your body. Especially during diet and you need to reduce salt consumption later.

Especially in terms of making your food taste rich in potassium, mint, parsley, thyme, and dill, avoid using too much food, such as onions.

The garlic with a protective effect against cancer, which can be described as a natural antibiotic, and each table must necessarily take place.

3 to 5 servings of vegetables and fruits in addition to consuming raw watercress daily between green vegetables, and arugula, consume plenty of vegetables such as green onions should not be neglected.

When using vegetable cooking oils are recommended to be consumed edible oil in particular. It also contains high levels of saturated fat, lard, you should avoid fats like lard and butter.

You can choose your breakfast cheese while I prefer salty cheeses or cheese before dinner but for breakfast in the morning, you need to ensure that the cheese holds water purification salt. By limiting your consumption of olives as well as breakfast try not to consume more than 5-6 olives.

Especially reduce salt content as negligible during your diet with a high intake of salted and pickled. There is also a need to reduce the consumption of other food would be as a home paste.

If you take care not to use alcohol during a diet or consume alcohol, limit yourself to one glass

Do not place any items in your cart while shopping from your hand, make sure you do the shopping in your diet. Cook, yourself meals you consume as much as possible while consuming mainly fruits and vegetables instead of frozen foods. Carefully reading labels in grocery shopping, you can choose between similar products that are more useful.

In addition, you can protect your health, do not forget to drink plenty of water as well as providing a healthy weight you can keep your ideal weight.

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