Benefits of Using Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

With the advancing technology in medicine, non-invasive surgical treatment using robotic surgery has gained popularity for its efficiency. In robotic surgery, a surgeon manipulates instruments to operate. The surgeon makes tiny incisions in your body and inserts a three-dimensional camera and miniaturized devices. The specialist uses master controls to manage the tools, so they translate and make precise movements in your body. The surgical system will respond to the direction the surgeon provides. If you are diagnosed with a condition requiring surgery, consider minimally invasive surgery in Las Vegas, which is proven safe and effective. Robotic surgery has many benefits, and below are some.

Smaller incisions

Small incisions are required for the instruments to operate inside your body in robotic surgery. In traditional techniques, large incisions can be made, while in robotic surgery, the surgeon uses small specialized tools to access body parts through a small opening. The small incision lowers the risk of infection as you heal. In one procedure, you may require multiple small incisions in the robotic technology, which is better than a big incision.

Less pain

Robotic surgery is minimally invasive; hence you will experience less pain following surgery. The surgeon controls the surgical tools with a computer during the operation, enhancing precise movements. With the robotic procedure, complex surgeries have better outcomes and less pain. The minimally invasive technique ensures small portions of tissue are cut hence minor wounds causing less pain and quick healing. Less pain means less medication for pain relief which is also a benefit.

Fast recovery

Healing in robotic surgery is fast, incurring small incisions. Patients who have computerized techniques leave the hospital earlier than in traditional methods. The shorter stay in the hospital help reduces costs. You can resume daily activities with a less painful and quick healing period.

More precise results and reduced risk of complications

The instruments used by surgeons in robotic surgery are smaller than those in traditional methods. The specialized cameras enable the specialist to have a clear view of the organs; hence delicate and complex operations are done effectively. In robotic surgery, the surgeon can avoid healthy tissues reducing adverse effects that emerge after a surgery. The small incisions also minimize blood loss, a severe complication during surgery. Small incisions will also heal fast, and there are low chances of infection.

Many procedures are available

You can have a variety of procedures done using robotic surgery compared to traditional methods. The digestive system, urologic system, heart, lungs, kidneys, and gynecologic system are the parts that can be covered by robotic surgery. It covers many body parts, so many people can use it.

Less scarring

The small incisions help reduce the presence of scars. Since only small incisions are made in robotic procedures, few stitches lead to fewer scars. In cases where you have spots, they are less noticeable than long incisions present in open surgery. In most cases, the scars will disappear within a few months.

With the many benefits of robotic surgery, you will undoubtedly choose it if you need surgery. Schedule your appointment with Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, for robotic surgery.

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