Aesthetic Services and Their Benefits

Despite many people claiming they do not care much about their appearance, most people do, and it plays a significant role in how they carry themselves. If you think you look good and approachable, it will make you not be afraid to interact with people while expressing yourself fully. Thankfully, procedures have effectively dealt with these issues and attained desired outcomes. AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta is an example of a service that can help enhance your physical appearance. More about these services and their benefits are discussed below.

What are Aesthetic Services?

Aesthetic services involve procedures and operations to improve how you look or fix various abnormalities. Most of these procedures are noninvasive and aim at fixing conditions around your skin.

These services can be found in medical spas and other associated facilities. A physician is typically found to perform or oversee these procedures in these settings. This adds medical credibility to these operations.

These treatments deal with multiple issues, including:

·         Hair removal

·         Aging skin

·         Body contouring

·         Facials

·         Scar removal

·         Acne maintenance

Some of the most common treatment options done involve:

Chemical Peels

This procedure aims at peeling off layers of your skin by putting a chemical mix on the regions requiring enhancement. This reveals a newer skin layer that is smooth and less wrinkled. The issues being treated and your skin type determine the concentration of the chemical solution as it can aim at different skin layers. This treatment can be done on your neck, hands, or face.


Botox injections involve using a unique toxin that is introduced to areas of your skin to enhance how it looks by smoothing out wrinkles and deep lines. It can also deal with excessive sweating and migraines. The treatment plan depends on your goals.


Facials aim at exfoliating your skin through various microdermabrasion techniques. Some facials, known as hydrafacials, use water-based technology to get rid of dirt and debris from the pores of the face.

Both these methods reveal fresher skin with fewer wrinkles and a smoother appearance.

Dermal Filler Injections

These injections are used to:

·         Lift the corners of your eyebrows and mouth

·         Inhibit the appearance of crow’s feet

·         Soften forehead lines

Filler injections, unlike Botox, also add volume to your skin and lips, depending on your desired results.

Body Sculpting

This non-surgical method aims at removing bundles of fat that refuse to go away through standard weight-loss programs. It produces permanent results with high effectiveness.

The procedures can also be customized to sculpt your muscles by increasing the thickness of certain muscle groups and muscle mass. After the operation, unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits will cause the stubborn fats to return.

Laser Hair Removal

Your hair follicles can be targeted by laser beams resulting in inhibited hair growth. This reduces the need for regular shaving with targeted areas such as the armpits, upper lip, back, and bikini.

Aesthetic services have been popularized as newer and cheaper treatment plans have become available. The emergence of medical spas has also increased awareness of facilitating the procedures. For questions about aesthetic services, check us out online, or call our offices in Marietta, GA.

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