A Missing Tooth? Get Quality Tooth Replacement in Campbell, CA

A significant number of Americans lose one or more teeth in their life for various reasons, including accidents that cause facial injuries or poor dental practices leading to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Unfortunately, missing teeth can affect your overall oral health. At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, the experts provide innovative technologies and options for quality and effective Campbell tooth replacement, including dentures and dental implants. Call or schedule an online appointment for more consultations about tooth replacement.

About Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is vital for protecting and maintaining your oral health after losing teeth. Missing teeth can cause several dental problems, including; difficulty eating, headaches, a changed appearance, misalignment problems, changes in speech, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. A missing tooth also exerts increased work on the remaining teeth leading to premature wear, bone loss, or potential damage. The Ueno Center Dental Specialists team provides a variety of effective tooth replacement options to suit your needs.

Why Do You Require Tooth Replacement?

There are various reasons for missing teeth, either because of therapeutic tooth extraction or tooth loss. Some of the common reasons to consider tooth replacement include;

·         Receded gums

·         Facial trauma

·         Abscess or infection

·         Impacted teeth

·         Oral bone defect

·         Age-related bone loss

·         Deformed or malformed teeth

·         Severe periodontal disease

If your tooth is missing, tooth replacement will help improve your oral health, protect the bone structure, and enhance your general wellness. The tooth replacement plan is also designed in a way that will treat the underlying tooth loss cause.

What Are the Available Tooth Replacement Options?

There are several tooth replacement options depending on the cause of your missing tooth and the underlying condition. Some of these include;

·         Flipper

A flipper refers to a removable and temporary plastic tooth featuring a plastic retainer. The drawback to this option is that you should first remove the flipper when eating, and they are pretty delicate.

·         Fixed bridge

a fixed bridge is a prosthetic device that uses adjacent teeth as its support to bridge the gap left by missing teeth.

·         Metal partial

This is a removable partial denture made with plastic and wire. The partial denture is held in position by wire clips.

·         Dentures

These are individualized prosthetic devices for those with missing teeth on an entire or both jaws.

·         Dental implants

While dentures are just temporary solutions, dental implants provide a permanent, sturdy tooth replacement option. The implant involves surgical implantation of biocompatible titanium and supports a natural-looking and permanent crown that is made in the laboratory. 

Any of these tooth replacement options has its pros and cons. For instance, most tooth replacement options are easily broken or lost; they might damage natural teeth or stop being a perfect fit over time. Dental implants are the most recommendable option as they are the permanent and most comfortable solution. They are also stable and attractive to most people.

Ultimately, a missing tooth can lower your dental health as well as your self-esteem. If you consider replacing your tooth, book an appointment online or call the office at Ueno Center Dental Specialists today.

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