7 Fascinating Facts About COVID-19 Antibody Testing

In medicine, several tests can be done to determine what is wrong with someone. One such test is COVID-19 antibody testing which measures how much COVID-19 antibodies are in your blood. In Otsego, Minnesota, testing centers use modern tools when testing samples. It makes the results accurate. Therefore, find a competent antibody testing Otsego center. Let’s focus on the seven little-known facts about the test.

1.  Determines Number of Covid-19 Antibodies

The COVID-19 antibody test is used to determine the number of antibodies present in the blood. It will help show how well the body is fighting off the virus. It is important to note that this test does not show if you currently have the virus.

2.  The Tests Need Blood Samples

The test needs a blood sample to be done. Thus, the antibody test looks for antibodies in the blood. The body produces these antibodies in response to the virus. If you have been infected with COVID-19, you will likely have these antibodies present in your blood.

Nasal Swabs are also vital in determining if someone has COVID-19. It’s because the virus can be found in the nose and throat of someone infected. After a nasal swab, testing happens for the presence of the virus. It will help to confirm or deny a diagnosis of COVID-19.

3.  Can Be Used to See If Someone Has Recently Been Infected

The test can also see if someone has a recent infection. The levels of antibodies in the blood will peak about two weeks after infection. So, if someone gets a positive result on this test, it is likely that they have been infected within the last few weeks.

4.  The Accuracy Is High

The accuracy of the COVID-19 antibody test is high. This is because it looks for a specific protein only found in the virus. So, if this protein is present in the blood, you will likely be infected with COVID-19.

5.  Can Be Used to Monitor Treatment

The antibody test can also monitor the effectiveness of treatments. The levels of antibodies in the blood can help show how well the body responds to treatments. If the antibodies’ levels decrease, the treatment is likely to work.

6.  Antigen-Focused COVID-19 test Detects Certain Proteins in the Virus

COVID-19 Antibody tests are not the only type of test to detect the virus. There is also an antigen-focused COVID-19 test. This test looks for specific proteins in the virus. If these proteins are present, you will likely have COVID-19.

7.  Testing More Than Once Is Important

It is vital to get tested more than once if you think you may have been infected with COVID-19. The virus can take a few weeks to show up in the blood. So, it is essential to test again a few weeks after you first get sick. It will help to confirm or deny a diagnosis of COVID-19.

As you can see, COVID-19 antibody testing is an important test that can determine the number of things. It includes if someone has been infected with the virus, how well their body is fighting it off and if treatment is working. The accuracy of this test is high, so it is a good choice for diagnosing COVID-19.

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