Month: September 2022

How Does Acupuncture Work?


Many people seek acupuncture when they have had enough of Western medicine andwant a fresh, more natural approach to health and wellbeing without the harmful effectsof medications. Perhaps you are one of them. Many give up and choose to live with discomfort or health conditions. While this mayappear to be your only option, take a …

What is Kehonomi? The Experts working in
Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, VoiceWell, Massage


We all know that good nutrition is key to happiness, healthy living, and peakperformance. However, the role of complementary and alternative medicine inour health care system is not always appreciated or acknowledged. It’s importantto note that naturopathy and Osteopathy offer counseling, treatment, and adviceabout various medical conditions, but they have very different approaches.Osteopathy focuses on …