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May / June 2009: Primary Care and the Medical Home

Primary Care and the Medical Home

When you first became a doctor, you almost certainly wanted to practice primary care medicine in a way that would enable you to establish long-term relationships with your patients; but between the pressures of payers and the dysfunctions of our healthcare system, that may not be the way it has worked out. However, the solution just may be a new concept in primary care: the medical home.

This issue of Doctor’s Digest explores why support is burgeoning now for the medical home, and describes the tools you’ll need to make the transition for your practice. We’ll guide you through current and proposed reimbursement plans so you can see how some practices are making ends meet—or hope to in the future. Finally, we’ll share the experiences of primary care practices that are giving the idea a try with varying degrees of success, but plenty of optimism.

In This Issue:

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