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September / October 2008: Raise Your Scores: Improving Quality

Raise Your Scores: Improving Quality

Everyone wants high—quality healthcare—the right amount at the right time to affect a cure (at best) or an improvement (at least), without unnecessary treatment that can increase both costs and risks to the patient. Defining quality care, delivering it, and measuring the results are three central challenges for today’s healthcare.

Office physicians who embrace those challenges have the best chanceof prospering. Pay-for-performance—whereby providers are financially rewarded for taking actions that are proven to improve outcomes and reduce the overall cost of healthcare—is the only bright spot in an otherwise dim outlook for reimbursement. Physicians will increasingly be graded and ranked—at the practice level and sometimes even individually—according to the quality of care they deliver, based on national standards. It may feel like going back to pre-med, or even high school, but good “grades” are going to be as important to a physician*#8217;s business as colleague referrals or patient recommendations.

Fortunately, adhering to basic practice guidelines isnŐt difficult to dowith the right systems in place. In this issue of Doctor’s Digest, we’ll lookat the trends and talk about ways to benefit from them.

In This Issue:

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