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Sept / Oct 2007: Health Policy Review

Health Policy Review

With the presidential primaries heating up, surveys show that the top domestic concern of voters—and therefore of candidates—is healthcare. Healthcare spending is expected to reach 20 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product by 2015. That high price tag in combination with a national debt fast approaching $9 trillion has driven unease among more fiscally conscious lawmakers. In turn, that unease has led to increased resistance to raising spending on federal health programs or for medical research, despite convincing arguments in support of their benefits for society.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals have an obvious stake in these debates: decisions made in Washington about Medicare guidelines and reimbursement, medical malpractice reform, health insurance, funding for medical research, and other issues directly affect the practice of medicine and the business of medicine. This issue of Doctor’s Digest is designed to outline the issues and relay the background so that readers can come to their own conclusions about how to steer the country through the healthcare maze.

In This Issue:

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